Monday, November 10, 2014

Why is it a good idea to sell now rather than wait until Spring?

Here are some really good reasons why people should list their home now rather than to wait for the spring:

1. There isn't any competition because everyone waits until spring to list it.  Sellers are usually happy to win by default.

2. There is more competition and lots of great looking homes available in the spring which means all sellers better bring their A game or lower the price.

3.  How much is it costing the owner each month not to sell in their current situation. Sometimes they need help reducing it to the ridiculous and seeing the advantage whether it's financial or emotional.

4.  It usually will free up their home search sooner because their house is sold so they can get get a better value on the buy side.

Monday, October 27, 2014

We call them Untrulia not Trulia

Have you ever been searching for homes and stumbled upon Trulia or Zillow? The answer for about 90% of you is probably yes. 

Why is that? They are just so easy to find or it was the first thing that popped up in my search or app. It scares real estate professionals that buyers and sellers seem to be more interested in speed than accuracy now days.  We see them lose money on transactions and over pay for homes just because they used websites like Trulia.

Keep in mind that the most accurate way to search for homes or get sold data is with your local MLS or in Indianapolis the BLC. They accumulate the data straight from the agents that work every day out of that active and sold database.  The agents have regulations placed on the data input to make sure it is accurate and consistent from property to property.
It is ultimately the most accurate database, where as the Trulias and Zillows of the world pull the information from government entities and some unregulated entities. We all know how accurate those can be right:)

I urge my clients to use the tools that the BLC/MLS or I provide to ensure you get accurate data. A home is the biggest investment in most peoples lives and you as the customer deserve better information. #Untrulia

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indianapolis Housing Market Update - October 22nd, 2014

Check out a summary of the Housing Market Sent to me by the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (10/22/2014):

Local Market Review: September Data Show Sales Breakthrough

Housing data released by MIBOR today shows gains in all monthly metrics with closed sales increasing by 13.1 percent in September – the first monthly gain of 2014. The one month increase did not erase the negative slide in closed sales but helped to close the gap. Closed sales for the three months ending in September was down just 0.5 percent. Sales prices remain strong. The Median Sales Price increased 2.9 percent to $144,000 in the quarter ending in September compared to the same quarter last year and grew 5.1 percent in September only data to $141,900 compared to September 2014.

National Market Review: Existing Home Sales Rise in September
Today the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) announced total existing home sales rose 2.4 percent in September from August. This follows a modest decline last month. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun credits the increase to low interest rates and less investor activity.